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Migration of Office applications

Project duration: 11 months

Brief description

Migration of applications from MS Office 2003 to MS Office 2007 under MS Windows VISTA. New development of add-ins and templates with MS Office VSTO technology


In a local MS Windows Vista work environment, MS Office 2003 applications are migrated to MS Office 2007 and tested. Existing MS Word templates which contain macros are recreated and further developed with VSTO on the basis of the .NET Framework 3.5. Add-ins for Word and PowerPoint, each of which provides a ribbon tab and checks that the contents of the document are up to date, are created with VSTO.

Subject description

Testing and troubleshooting of Office 2003 applications under Office 2007. Adaptation of ribbon menus and editing of design templates (themes) and color palettes in PowerPoint 2007. Provision of data processing support for users for the creation of business documents. Cooperation with the department of marketing and communication.


Project period05.02.2008 - 07.01.2009

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