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Migration of service tickets from a third party ticket system to SAP C4C

Project duration: 8 months

Brief description

The task includes customization and execution of the unload/transformation program according to the requirements of each rollout, loading of the data into the target environment and random comparison of the data in the source and target systems. After creating the ticket object in the target system, the tickets are marked as migrated in the source and the migrated tickets are supplemented with the associated emails and notes.


The source system is a third-party ticketing system that uses an MSSQL database for data storage. The data is extracted and transformed using Altova Mapforce. The data is read directly from the MSSQL database, transformed using the transformation rules mapped in Altova Mapforce, and output as *.csv files. The SAP C4C Data Workbench is used to load the data as a complete individual object. Due to the technical restrictions of the DWB, power shell scripts are used to prepare the files for further processing.

Subject description

After the introduction of the C4C components Sales and Marketing, the introduction of Service completes the SAP C4C solution and allows the desired 360° view on the customer. In the new system, users have due to the migration access to ongoing as well as closed transactions.


Project periodProjektzeitraum14.09.2020 - 30.04.2021

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