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Migration of TYPO3 to ZEND framework

Project duration: 1 year, 4 months

Brief description

The applications in the Internet and intranet portal for the customer's suppliers and employees, which are currently based entirely on TYPO3, are to be replaced during the course of this project, step by step, by equivalent and improved applications developed using the Zend framework.


The individual project parts are programmed exclusively with PHP5 and the Zend Framework; as such, the project is based on the MVC principle (Mode View Controller). The applications are located on the Internet (accessible to suppliers) and the intranet (accessible to employees). For employees in the intranet to also access up-to-date data on the Internet, this data access is controlled by a web service (REST), using Zend REST. The data to be entered is displayed and validated by means of Zend forms. Access rights and user authentication for the various applications is controlled by Zend ACL and Zend_Auth. As parts of the application also have to be multilingual, Zend Translate is used here for the Zend enhancement. The data is stored and accessed in the database with the help of the PHP Doctrine library; the data is stored in a MySQL database.

Subject description

Previously, suppliers and the customer's employees worked in an Internet environment constructed entirely with TYPO3. TYPO3 is used to regulate the display of data and user management. TYPO3 is also used as the basis for developing various enhancements (extensions) and the processing logic and communication with the MySQL database is completed outsourced to separate PHP classes. Parts of the applications can only be used by employees in the intranet and other parts can only be used in the Internet due to the availability of up-to-date data. The data is held on database servers in the Internet and intranet and updated in both directions each night.


Project period18.02.2008 - 30.06.2009

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