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Migration Oracle database to PostgreSQL

Brief description

Due to the customer's cloud strategy, an Oracle database was migrated to PostgreSQL in Amazon Web Services (AWS). PTA provides support in analyzing the database to identify Oracle-specific database objects and their equivalents in the target database. The cloud applications in Kubernetes based on the database are examined with regard to necessary program changes that are required due to the change of database system. Further planning for the implementation of the migration is based on these analyses.


The migration is necessary because the customer will be decommissioning on-premise databases in the future. These will be replaced by Aurora PostgreSQL databases using Amazon Web Services (AWS). An essential part of the project implementation is also the planning of the productive migration process, as the entire database will be transferred to the new database environment. Due to the volume of data, a strategy must be developed to minimize downtime for external and internal users.

Subject description

The applications make insurance documents available to brokers and agents. Users can download the documents via a web interface or retrieve them electronically via a BiPRO transfer service.


Project periodProjektbeginn01.12.2023

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