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Modernisation of the intranet telephone directory

Project duration: 3 months

Brief description

The work serves the visual and technological modernisation of the existing intranet telephone directory. This offers extensive search options for personal contact data as well as within other TC resources. Furthermore, the compilation of prefabricated or individually created telephone / fax lists is possible. A technology migration from .NET 4.x / ASP WebForms to .NET 6 / ASP MVC Core on the one hand ensures the long-term operation of the application and on the other hand adapts it to the familiar look and feel of current individual systems with significant visual modernisations.


The system was already designed at launch in 2010 as an n-tier application with a WCF backend for caching and fast delivery of relevant information to the intranet front-end module. The current work focuses on modernising the frontend so that the existing backend logic is retained. Current versions of ag-grid, Bootstrap and font-awesome are used for the design of the user interface.

Subject description

With the modernisation, one of the last supported applications with ASP WebForms will be replaced by current technologies.


Project period01.08.2022 - 31.10.2022

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