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Modernization of an existing Access departmental system

Brief description

The support of a complex departmental system can no longer be guaranteed by the original service provider. This isolated solution, which has grown over several decades, is transferred to the infrastructure supported by the IT department after a technical analysis has taken place in advance.


The previously used Access-based data storage will be replaced in favor of an SQL Server-based solution. The integrated user administration is supplemented by a connection to the central system used throughout the company and the login procedure is converted to a single sign-on approach. In addition, the central logging system and existing master data management will be integrated.

Subject description

The technical redesign of the backend of the solution and the connection of central resources are intended to create the basic possibility for qualified support and maintenance of the system by the IT department. In addition, simplifications and optimizations in the technical structure are to be used to significantly reduce the costs of system operation. For example, the use of central data pools eliminates costly duplicate maintenance work.


Project start01.03.2021

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Dr. Andreas Schneider

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