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Modernization of KWKG accounting support software

Project duration: 1 year, 7 months

Brief description

Design and implementation of the modernization of an application for the processing of subsidy payments and charges within the framework of a law (combined heat and power). In the course of the transfer of the functionality and the inventory data into a modern architecture with modern technologies, the user-friendliness, maintainability and expandability are significantly improved. Existing processes can be run through even more efficiently. PTA is responsible for the conception, implementation and quality assurance.


After about 15 years of use/(further) development, the existing software for preparing and supporting billing under the Combined Heat and Power Act can no longer be economically expanded and maintained. Technologically, the new solution is based on a backend microservice architecture with a Microsoft SQL database with interfaces to various neighboring systems as well as a micro-fontend/WebApps architecture (with Angular, HTML5, etc.).

Subject description

The Combined Heat and Power Act (Kraft-Wärme-Kopplungsgesetz) requires the calculation and settlement of subsidy amounts, compensation payments, levies and equalization payments between different players in the energy market (distribution system operators (DSO), transmission system operators and distribution system customers). The underlying process basically consists of these steps: reporting of forecast values, preparation of (monthly) progress billings, reporting of actual values after year-end closing, and preparation of an annual peak billing. In detail, peculiarities of the respective context have to be taken into account (e.g., reports from DSOs have to be transferred from a portal and the calculation of the costs of the distribution network customers in the context of the takes place in a pre-system). In detail, the process may require corrections that can lead to cancellations.

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Dr. Andreas Schneider

Sector Manager Energy

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