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Modernization of the IT landscape

Brief description

This strategic project (=program) serves to optimize business IT. Here, new IT applications are to be introduced, inefficient IT applications switched off and underlying processes optimized. These necessary adjustments will run through the entire IT landscape and thus affect a large number of systems and technologies. Here, PTA assumes the task of multi-project management and the coordination of measures throughout the company.


This project includes adjustments to the energy data management, forecasting, calculation and CRM systems. These systems are partly standard systems and partly individual developments. In the individual sub-projects, the current status is recorded, weak points are analyzed and new requirements are defined, which are then implemented using an agile or classic approach. In the course of this, the quality of the adaptations must be ensured and the commissioning and transfer to support must be guaranteed. In addition to the classic project management function, PTA also carries out various functional and technical consultations in this context, such as the determination of requirements for the operation of a trading system.

Subject description

The technical focus is on the one hand on the quotation and sales process, which involves rolling out load profiles and structures, pricing and quoting. This is where the forecasting and costing services and the CRM system come into play. On the other hand, the entire settlement process is considered, starting with the implementation of market communication and ending with ensuring the meter-to-cash processes. The focus here is on the energy data management system.

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