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Project duration: 1 year, 9 months

Brief description

Design and development of a system that sales employees use to advise customers in the area of mortgage loans and to sell mortgage loans. It maps standard, series and individual credit business. The detailed and system specification is based on the RUP. This is followed by the implementation and testing. During the pilot phase, support is provided for the new system in live operation.


The online application is implemented across multiple layers. Data is stored in a DB2 database. The business process logic is mainly implemented on the host in COBOL. The decentralized part is web-based. Data is exchanged between the host modules and the EJBs in the BEA Weblogic application server via a proprietary persistence layer. On the service side, an SQL Server database provides application-related or technical data for parameterizing the application. The connection to the user interfaces (which are created with XML/XSL) is via a proprietary framework based on Apache Cocoon/XSLT. Nightly batch processing takes place on the host to consolidate the data and process it further.

Subject description

This application maps the entire process of awarding mortgage loans and also supports sales staff in advising customers by providing the option of comparing multiple financing proposals and finding other products (cross-selling). The system covers the structuring of the loans, the credit decision, printing all the documents needed for the process (e.g. advice forms, loan contract, declaration of purpose, letter to notary for creating land charge, etc.) and transferring completed business transactions to the inventory systems. Existing online systems for entering customer and property data, for determining credit ratings or for logging credits are also connected to this application, as are tariff calculators from cooperation partners (insurance companies/building associations).


Project period07.07.2004 - 31.03.2006

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