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Notes software update

Project duration: 1 month

Brief description

Converting the e-mail client from MS Outlook to Lotus Notes.


In parallel with the change of the customer's e-mail address (to .eu domain), the e-mail server is moved and the user software is changed. Lotus Notes replaces MS Outlook as the user software. The data are carried over using Transend Migrator. Blackspider is used for the firewall.

Subject description

Installing and configuring Lotus Notes. The new e-mail address is activated for the user, and e-mail forwarding is set up for the old address. Backing up old e-mails and data from MS Outlook and deactivating MS Outlook. Copying data into Lotus Notes. Introducing the users to Lotus Notes and testing the functions. User-specific modifications were also necessary because of individually configured PCs. The users were instructed in the functional rules and in the basic principles of the firewall.


Project period18.01.2007 - 23.02.2007

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