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Nuclear power plant information system

Project duration: 5 years, 6 months

Brief description

In a nuclear power plant with multiple generating units, measured data is recorded in terms of minutes for ongoing operation of the plant and to monitor the environment (approx. 25,000 measuring points). In line with the legal requirements, these values are processed in the areas of agricultural meteorology, meteorology, water management and environmental monitoring, and for reporting. The reports are forwarded to the local State Office of Environmental Protection, to the State Office for Pest Management and to the Environment Ministry.


The overall project includes multiple stages of development and commissioning. The tasks to be fulfilled include the following: structuring the computer system in cooperation with the specialist department; order monitoring with life monitoring database; linking source data systems; managing data flows; visualizing processing programs; communication and control software; five Oracle databases; legacy data transfer; archiving; project planning; cost overview; training. The measured values are processed and made available in various computers. Four computer systems shall be structured with measured data in a ring buffer and five computer systems with databases. The measured values can be displayed as lists, curves or system images.


Project period01.01.1995 - 30.06.2000

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