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Offline expansion of a web solution for field staff

Project duration: 8 years, 10 months

Brief description

The aim of this new development is to implement a framework application that the field staff can use to switch between online and offline modes as required. An existing, server-based CRM web application for recording working hours and spare parts in the area of diagnostic instruments is expanded to include this offline component.


The framework application is a client application created using the .Net framework. The particular feature here is that the JSP-based pages of the online application are copied on the client side. The entire application is to be used as a replacement for Internet Explorer, which was used previously.

Subject description

If it is not possible to create an online connection during servicing, the field employee shall be able to record working hours and parts and hand the customer a service report (printout). To ensure that the operation is user-friendly, the user works with the same user interface for data input in both operating modes. The entered data is then synchronized with the online data from the CRM standard software, Clarify.

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