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Outstanding loans file management

Project duration: 2 months

Brief description

Conceptual design of the data migration from an Access 97 database application for identifying the storage location of old credit files to a centralized SQL Server 2003 database. The existing Access solution is replaced by a new browser-based system. The design for a detailed testing procedure forms the basis for identifying a correct data transfer.


Before the data migration itself, a series of preparatory technical and functional measures have to be taken, most of which are taken in the legacy system. This includes enhancing the data model for the MS Access application to include the relations between the individual tables, checking the consistency of the data (e.g. removing duplicates) and formal data correctness (e.g. current date values, incorrect character allocation, such as letters in numerical fields, special characters, incorrect number of characters), and saving the client. The data migration itself is carried out with the help of a Visual Basic program whose framework can be generated by the DTS Import/Export Wizard (Data Transformation Services), a component of the SQL Server.

Subject description

Old loan files for the business area at a location are to be deposited in a centralized high bay warehouseto fulfill the legal obligation to preserve documents. To ensure that they can continue to be located by employees from their original storage location with little effort, their archiving data is stored in an MS Access database application. This tried-and-tested old loan management system is now to be replaced by a centralized, functionally improved and enhanced browser-based application. The new system is to support multiple clients and have access management, among other features. By the time the system is introduced, all the relevant data from the Access database has to have been migrated correctly to the new system (an MS SQL Server database), both functionally and technically.


Project period15.11.2004 - 31.12.2004

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