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Personnel planning

Project duration: 5 months

Brief description

Revision of existing Excel planning tools for standardizing and simplifying the creation of personnel planning documents. One aim is to minimize time-consuming manual work by introducing suitable tools and procedures. Another aim is to standardize data entry and formatting, which should also increase the quality of the documents. The result is a comparison of manpower requirements figures from SAP BW and corresponding personnel plans from production, in a consolidated form.


The system consists of multiple, interdependent Excel files that extract personnel requirement figures from SAP BW export files, on the one hand, and aggregate actual personnel values from production and consolidate it to time periods, on the other. It is possible to evaluate shortfalls or excesses in the form of tables or graphs. The components of the system are implemented on the basis of Excel 2000/2003 with the help of Excel VBA.


Project period01.12.2006 - 30.04.2007

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