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PowerBI CRM evaluations for a transport association

Brief description

The customer operates as a transport association in local public transport. The customer sells products for its affiliated transport companies and local public transport organizations. PTA implements the necessary extensions in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales System and implements the interfaces to the internal CRM systems. The data stored in the CRM system is analyzed by PTA GmbH using Microsoft Power BI. Power BI reads the data from the corresponding entities of the Dynamics Dataverse, prepares it in a star schema and provides the consumer with reports and dashboards.


Information on current sales processes is mapped in CRM using standard and custom entities. The Dynamics system is accessed via Power BI Desktop and all relevant entities are read as part of the ETL process. The entities are prepared in a star schema with fact and dimension tables. The field labels are taken 1:1 from the German translation in CRM. Various calculated columns and measures are generated using DAX. Evaluations are collected at annual and monthly level. Among other things, the number of ticket sales, product variants and output types are displayed in a yearly and monthly comparison. Furthermore, prospective customers, new customers, cancellations and post-calculations are taken into account. The reports are provided in a workspace in the Power BI Service and are partly integrated into dashboards that are also consumed in Dynamics Sales.

Subject description

The ability to perform analyses of current sales processes helps the customer's key account sales department to draw conclusions about demand and the sales process in general. As a centralized business intelligence cloud solution, Power BI is ideal for the preparation and consumption of data by stakeholders.


Project periodProjektbeginn01.10.2023

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