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Process model for Java web development

Project duration: 5 years, 3 months

Brief description

Conceptual revision, enhancement and implementation of a process model for developing web applications. The existing, proprietary process model, which is based on the waterfall model, is replaced by a modern process model based on a simplified RUP. The focuses of the revision are on the areas of requirements analysis and requirements documentation.


For the simplified RUP with an iterative process, document templates are created for the documentation. Key aspects include documentation of the requirements in use cases and architecture decisions in the software architecture document. The quality assurance process also consists of an automated part with a code style guide and tools for ensuring the code style (Eclipse Formatter, Checkstyle) and continuous integration using Cruise Control. Added to this is a manual part, whose most important components are the code review and approval before delivery. The existing technical test process is to be integrated into the new procedure as much as possible. The service also involves introduction of an issue tracking tool in order to include requirements and document their implementation.

Subject description

In parallel to the functional enhancement of a proprietary ERP system, the process model for developing web applications (which is also proprietary) is also replaced in a separate project. The aim of this project is to ensure and improve the quality of the entire software development process. The enhancement of the ERP system serves as a reference or pilot and test project for the new process model. The project scope also includes training developers in the new process model and selecting and introducing tools for analysis (requirements management), design and issue tracking.


Project period15.01.2006 - 31.03.2011

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