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Production assurance for risk controlling systems in the area of real estate loans

Project duration: 5 months

Brief description

Production assurance and second level support for application systems for risk controlling in the area of real estate loans.

Subject description

The applications make available the following functionalities: property renovation (support for processing/disposition of real estate due to unviable financing; support for settlement of developer properties; value adjustments/risk controlling of unviable loans. On one hand, the systems consist of applications installed directly on the client and which are accessed via proprietary middleware located on the mainframe data access layer. The parts of the application on the client slide are C++ and VisualBasic components. The host component consists of Cobol modules. On the other hand, it also involves internet applications located on a web server, which are accessed via browser. Both of these applications are Java and ASP.NET applications that run either on the IIS or BEA application server.


Project period20.11.2006 - 30.04.2007

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