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Project management for customer team in laboratory diagnostics

Brief description

In this project, the project management for a team of customer and PTA employees in the field of software development for laboratory diagnostics is taken over. The team is organised, controlled and supervised by the project management.


The software is developed for laboratory diagnostics and supports work in hematology, clinical chemistry and urinalysis. The middleware solution can connect to various analytical instruments including pre- and post-analysis. The application can establish unidirectional and bidirectional connections between instruments and laboratory information systems (LIS), hospital information systems (HIS) and electronic patient records (EHR).

Subject description

It is the responsibility of the project management to coordinate milestones and software releases with the client and to meet the discussed budget, time and quality criteria. The project management ensures that regulatory guidelines are adhered to and that the project runs smoothly. In addition, the project management also controls progress and plannability of the project via agile procedures and thus ensures transparency for the entire team. The project management is responsible for a significant part of the project documents that are created within the framework of the software development process according to ISO 62304.


Project periodProjektbeginn15.07.2021

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