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Property renovation

Project duration: 2 years

Brief description

Design and development of a property renovation information system for marketing properties from non-performing exposure.


The system is integrated into the bank's own user interface. It is implemented at various levels. Data is stored in a DB2 database. The business process logic is implemented, in part, in COBOL on the host and, in part, in decentralized components written on the basis of COM technology with Visual Basic and Visual C++. Data is exchanged between the host modules and the decentralized components via a proprietary persistence layer. Nightly batch processing takes place on the host to consolidate the data and process it further.

Subject description

If it is no longer possible to recoup mortgage loans from borrowers, the bank markets the lending objects, either as a single object or in parts. This marketing can involve renting, sale or (compulsory) auction. The activities carried out for the object by the responsible renovation manager are logged in a history. Once the marketing is complete, the revenue is charged to the responsible renovation manager's department so that evaluations can be created for the sales results.


Project period01.07.2000 - 30.06.2002

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