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Provision and optimization of general basic functions for EEG2.0

Brief description

The scope of dialogues and functionality in the application used by the transmission provider increases as well as the potential for generalizable and thus reusable basic functions both in the application code and in database procedures. The project includes the identification of such code parts, their generalization and subdivision into basic or service classes and service procedures and, if the query logic is programmed on the Java side, also their performance optimization through relocation in database procedures.


The transmission provider processes the EEG using a Java-based distributed application with the Apache TomEE application server and Oracle as the database. In particular with the volume of data to be processed now becoming more extensive, relocating computationally intensive tasks and extensive database queries to specific database procedures is an indispensable way of reducing system response times.

Subject description

According to the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG), a transmission provider has the following responsibilities: (a) Discharge and reimbursement of the energy received by the distribution system operators within the transmission provider's control area, as defined by EEG, and the accruing market premiums in the case of direct marketing. (b) Recording the energy received (quantity and chronological sequence) and the reimbursement payments made. (c) Horizontal adjustment: Adjusting the received energy and the reimbursements provided among the 4 transmission providers in Germany. (d) Marketing the energy remaining with the transmission provider after horizontal adjustment. (e) Proportionate distribution of the incurred costs to all electricity supply companies supplying end consumers within its control area.

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