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Quality assurance and acceptance kim tasks

Project duration: 11 months

Brief description

Preparation and execution of the acceptance and business user test for a newly developed task management application that is to gradually replace the old application. The activities for the acceptance tests essentially comprise the creation of test cases, the clarification of technical gaps in the requirements and the final acceptance of the software delivered by an external service provider. The interfaces to other systems, such as the CRM and the document management system, must also be taken into account. During business user tests, test scenarios were designed for the users, according to which they carried out their tests. Feedback was then obtained from business users, which was analysed together with the business analysis team.


MS Team Foundation Server is used as the test management system. Database-based tests and analyses are carried out with the PSQL Control Center or Oracle SQL Developer. Confluence is used as a platform for internal and cross-team documentation. Specialist user tests are carried out to obtain feedback from future users regarding the functional scope, usability and performance of the task management application.

Subject description

The task management application enables the creation and management of tasks for clerks and brokers within the client company. Other functions include the creation of tasks for other colleagues and the assignment of substitutes for certain tasks.


Project periodProjektzeitraum01.03.2021 - 31.01.2022

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