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Quotation data – MS Excel interface

Project duration: 1 year, 5 months

Brief description

The task is to create an interface between the data from an Internet application and a centralized, operative system.


The "product configurator" (PTA-ID 1172) provides the initial structures for the quotation data that is stored in the central costs database. At another of the customer's sites, an Internet-compatible system is developed that fulfills similar tasks to the product configurator. To ensure that the structures from this system are correctly transferred to the costs database, there is a data export from the external system. In the course of the support project, the system is adjusted to new MS Excel versions and country settings. A subarea of the functions from the product configurator is extracted and an import routine for MS Excel is added to it. The MS Excel application carries out a data validation, the data import and any country-specific conversions to the data format. The result is identical Excel worksheets (regardless of the source system) that can be imported without any problems through the "Quotation data – costs database interface" (PTA-ID 1162).


Project period01.02.2002 - 01.07.2003

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