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Real estate controlling I

Project duration: 1 year, 5 months

Brief description

The controlling system for renovation and processing units in real estate is primarily used to monitor the activities for renovating non-performing exposure in the area of mortgaging. Data from an initial, simple and decentralized precursor system is to be migrated to the new central system (mainframe) and the legacy system's functions are to be enhanced.


The system is implemented as an application for the mainframe. It consists of an online part (3270 screens) created with the CA-TELON generator and a batch part. The batch part essentially serves interfaces to other systems, including data migration from the predecessor system implemented in MS Access. The jobs needed for batch processing are controlled by OPC. All the programs are written in COBOL. A DB2 database is responsible for storing the data.

Subject description

The system is used in the context of financial renovation of real estate in order to determine and monitor the individual risk prevention for a borrower, as well as to identify key figures for the credit risk. These figures are used as the basis for the rating or to identify credit-worthiness for the borrower's future plans. In addition, the system is used to enter data relating to risk minimization activities and it makes it possible to analyze the risk history over a longer period of time (examining the quarters of the current calendar year). The data comes from a wide variety of upstream systems and it is already collected and evaluated in another upstream system. Depending on the user's role, the system aggregates this data to other layers. A complex authorization check regulates what activities a user can perform and which data views the user can see, depending on the system user's role.


Project period04.08.2000 - 31.12.2001

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