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Real estate controlling II

Project duration: 3 months

Brief description

Technical design of a host interface for exchanging information between the property renovation information system and the controlling system for renovation and processing units in real estate (see project ID 212). The data to be exchanged concerns real estate for sale and the state of the sale.


Data is to be exchanged between two applications with very different technical designs. The property renovation information system is a client/server solution with a host database (DB2). The controlling system for renovation and processing units in real estate is a host-only application with an online part (3270 screens created with CA-TELON) and a batch part. Data is also stored in DB2. The data exchange itself takes place daily during night-time batch processing. During this process, the interface modules access the data stocks in both systems directly. The exchanged information also requires adjustments to the client/server solution and to the 3270 screens.

Subject description

The individual customer's risk reduction activities include selling his or her real estate financed by credits. One efficient way for the financing bank to reduce its risk is to exchange information between a system for monitoring the sale of real estate and the controlling system that is mainly concerned with the individual customer. In other words, one system receives information about risk-carrying properties and the other system receives information about the sale and assigns it to the individual customer. The earlier the property renovation information system receives information about risk-carrying properties, the earlier suitable measures can be taken there. The property renovation process can be shortened accordingly by a fast and high-quality flow of information. This can reduce financial losses from non-performing real estate loans for both the credit institute and the borrower.


Project period15.04.2002 - 15.07.2002

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