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Real estate controlling release 1

Project duration: 10 months

Brief description

An existing central application (mainframe) for the controlling system for renovation and processing units in real estate (see project ID 212) is enhanced with an additional reporting function. This enables users to generate – at any time – a quarterly balance sheet of activities carried out within the user's area of responsibility.


The existing host system is enhanced to include a reporting function. The report is created using the report generating option provided by the CA-TELON program generator. Due to the fact that different users could be responsible for the cases handled in the system over the course of a year, the report has a different authorization logic than the rest of the application. The report can be accessed in its various constellations using appropriate selection screens. Users can print out reports on their workstation printers.

Subject description

In addition to examining the development of credit risk at the individual customer level, it is important to receive information about the existing credit risk from higher-level perspectives, e.g. agent or department. As a consequence, reporting is aimed at creating reports about customer-related transaction balance data, taking into account various parameters that affect responsibility for processing it. This include, in particular, the role of the user who is logged on and, if that user has the appropriate authorization, entering criteria for restricting the set of customers to be included. One particular challenge here is the quarterly examination of the transaction balance data. The assignment of a customer to an agent can change during the course of a quarter, but this assignment is hidden in the system. However, system users need that data at all times, even if they were not responsible for a customer throughout the entire period.


Project period01.02.2002 - 20.11.2002

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