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Redesign of the front end of an intranet application

Project duration: 15 days

Brief description

In preparation for the redesign of the front end of an internal intranet application for process visualization, an HTML prototype of the homepage and one subsequent page are conceptualized, laid out, designed and presented. The focus of the concept is on intuitive use and clarity of layout and code.


The task is implemented in HTML and CSS, which is placed in a simple text editor with XML support. Graphic elements are developed in Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0. The concept is based on an analysis of the current software version and the customer's requirements specification.

Subject description

The intranet application for which a design concept is to be compiled here and for which a prototype is to be implemented is used to visualize standard processes in product development and manufacturing in the automotive electronics field. Standard processes can be adjusted further and made available to employees for information purposes.


Project period16.06.2008 - 01.07.2008

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