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Redevelopment and further development of a CRM application

Project duration: 1 year, 4 months

Brief description

Replacement of the existing CRM application that supports the sale of construction financing and insurance, with a system that better reflects the requirements. Development based on a previously-developed framework. Enhancement of the CRM application with new requirements (new business areas).


Data for the system is provided in three ways: User data via the LDAP server, application data from an Oracle database, and calculated data from the product server. There is also automatic communication with the MS Exchange Server, as well as with the telephone systems.

Subject description

Backoffice: Core tasks are the provision of current information on a process, entry of all activities in a process, controlling of the workflow (with a lot of leeway), communication with the MS Exchange Server. B2C and B2B: Web application primarily for entry of data as well as for performing simple calculations and determining interest. Determination of the best-value offers (= scoring) is performed with an existing application, the product server. B2C: The end customer is given the option to inform themselves about financing and insurance products online. They can apply online for an offer for a financing or insurance product. B2B: Partners (i.e. other agents) can use the technical functionalities and conditions to arrange financing offers for their own customers via the company.


Project period01.06.2004 - 30.09.2005

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