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Redevelopment of portfolio DB system

Project duration: 2 months

Brief description

Setup of a system for evaluating patent data for product relevance. The system is provided with central patent information from the PPV PZ system via an interface (created by PTA 2009/2010). The patents are evaluated manually via this system.


The system uses client-server architecture consisting of an SQL Server 2005 database, as well as a client application based on .NET 2.0 (Visual Studio 2008 Prof.). The system has an automatic update and after the initial installation it is capable of fully or partially renewing its own data, if necessary. The import interface accesses the existing PPV PZ system, which is on the same database server.

Subject description

The customer constantly checks their patent applications to determine which products are affected and then evaluates this information manually. For reporting / further evaluation, the data can be evaluated / exported using freely-definable reports.


Project period01.12.2009 - 05.02.2010

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