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Redevelopment of the core components of a CRM application

Project duration: 5 months

Brief description

Redevelopment of the online application via which customers can place online inquiries regarding construction financing and of the backoffice application that supports the financial consultant in providing financing offers based on inquiries. The functional requirements are revised and the application is provided on a new technological basis.


The application is developed as a Web application within which the backoffice and the B2C application are separate configurations. The part that can be used is determined by the configuration of the installation on the corresponding servers. The application is based on a specially-developed framework that implements the MVC2 concept for the presentation layer and contains a separate persistence layer. The persistence layer can work with LDAP, RDBMS and XML files as data sources. The interfaces are created as velocity templates. As well as the Web sites, this also applies to generated HTML mails, CSV files, etc.

Subject description

The system-supported process is as follows: first the customer sends an inquiry (online or as a pdf form). Due to the complexity of the construction financing application, entry can be interrupted at any time and restarted later. For this reason, the Web application contains a closed area where the customer can access their data. An unsent application cannot be viewed by the agent. After the inquiry has been received, the consultant contacts the customer and completes the inquiry for the application. For support purposes, the backoffice application is connected to the telephone system so that customer data is available during calls. When the application is complete, an existing XML-based rule server is called that reflects the calculation logic of the different connected banks for their construction financing products. In this way, the best product for the customer is determined. On this basis, one or more financing offers are sent to the customer.


Project period01.01.2004 - 31.05.2004

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