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Reengineering of a data communication platform

Brief description

Fundamental reengineering if a data communication platform for automatic data exchange in statutory health insurance. The system provides a series of configurable functions ranging from data acceptance, decryption and encryption, provision of data for applications providing further processing as well as secure distribution to the data recipient. Processing varies between forwarding very many small files through to data packages several gigabytes in size. The application is operated as a shared service and is used jointly by different end customers.


The objective of the reengineering is to convert the architecture to a consistently modular structure in the system. The system is designed so as to guarantee compatibility with the mono-framework for platform-independent operation on different hardware environments (Windows server / Linux). C# is used as the programming language for the backend. The websites of the frontend use the Angular 2 framework with programming in JavaScript or TypeScript. The modular architecture ensures scalability, failsafe properties as well as high availability.

Subject description

The software is a universal data receipt and forwarding center for communication partners in health care. The software solution makes it possible to implement and organize electronic data exchange that is independent of the specialist procedure in question. It fulfills the tasks of checking data formats, managing data processes and encrypting and decrypting, as well as secure forwarding and provision to the departments, integrated organizations and service providers, as well as external communication partners. All data exchange processes are logged by the application. To check the content of user data for functional plausibility or to format it for a specific department, the data is transferred to various specialist applications during the forwarding process, and the output of these applications is forwarded by the software or, in the event of an error, reported back.

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