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Reference project requirements engineering

Project duration: 2 months

Brief description

An analysis of how the quality of the artifacts created in the Business Modeling and Requirements Workflow can be improved in the rational unified process (RUP) through the use of RUP guidelines, and how the object engineering (OE) can be improved through the use of additional measures, specifically with the help of artifacts such as business rules, stakeholder requests and software requirements specification. The goal is to guarantee quality criteria for requirements management in the area of energy trade, particularly coal trading and its characteristics in OTC (forwards, swaps, options on forwards, options on swaps) and exchange trading (exchange traded contracts, futures, options on futures).


OE focusses exclusively on requirements analysis and management. It is therefore necessary to integrate OE in a comprehensive process model. For this purpose, a proposal has been developed to use an adapted form of the RUP together with the techniques and methods of OE for the requirements analysis, with special consideration of the possibility of a linguistic analysis of requirements formulated in natural language.


Project period15.07.2005 - 31.08.2005

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