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Replacement of inventory

Project duration: 2 months

Brief description

Replacement of batch processing that carries out the inventory for a group and its customers in the area of warehouse logistics on the mainframe. In the context of a business analysis, the current status forms the basis for a redesign and integration in the group's own Java architecture.


The business analysis involves an actual analysis and requirements analysis, in which the actual state is validated and the new functional and legal requirements are included and prioritized. The resulting target concept is consolidated in the analysis team, which, together with the implementation team, breaks it down into "features" and "stories" in the context of agile software development (Scrum). The features are implemented in a two-week iteration and then tested by the analysis teams as part of an acceptance process.

Subject description

Within the group, the legally prescribed inventory of stocks takes the form of a continuous inventory. Additionally, the stocks that were not taken into account during the continuous inventory are physically inventoried once a year. In addition to its own stock, the group stores stocks from third-party companies as a service; some of these stocks have to be included in the inventory. The inventory is supported on the data processing side throughout the cycle, from creating the inventory lists, through processing actual and target stocks, to creating and archiving inventory documents, including controlling evaluations. This host logic is replaced, allowing for new requirements.


Project period23.04.2009 - 12.06.2009

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