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Reprocessing of existing Power BI reports

Project duration: 8 months

Brief description

The customer has Power BI reports that were created once by another service provider and have not been used much since then. He would like to get an overview of all existing reports and data connections as well as train the internal employees fundamentally on the use of these reports and Power BI in general. PTA GmbH provides an expert who analyzes the status quo and trains the internal employees on this basis.


The customer has Power BI reports in the form of report files that pull data from a data warehouse and visualize it. Storage in the cloud and thus the advantages of provisioning and preparation are not applied here. The task of PTA GmbH is to analyze and prepare these reports and the data sources. Based on the knowledge gained from this, a workshop for the introduction and training of internal employees is to be created and carried out.

Subject description

The customer has the expectation of receiving certain KPIs and insights into his data via Power BI. However, to do this, the current database must be analyzed and, if necessary, expanded. After the existing reports have been analyzed, a consideration is made as to whether new reports should be conceptualized and created.


Project periodProjektzeitraum27.09.2021 - 31.05.2022

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