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Requirement analysis for a processing system for energy supply contracts

Project duration: 9 months

Brief description

The current processing system is based on technologies that will in future no longer be supported by the IT service provider. Therefore, the application must be upgraded to a new technological platform. In the course of this, the underlying processes and tasks are to be optimised. PTA carries out the functional and technical requirements analysis and creates a functional concept as well as a high-level IT concept.


The first step is to analyse the old application, which is implemented using VBA. In parallel, customer workshops are held to identify the actual current requirements for the system. UML diagrams for the representation of use cases and BPMN diagrams for processes provide graphic support in the documentation of the results. Within the scope of these analysis activities, the definition of the target processes as well as the underlying requirements is carried out according to the MoSCoW principle. The result serves as the basis for carrying out a make-or-buy analysis.

Subject description

The settlement system is the central application for the execution of energy supply contracts. It includes all contract details, all forecasts and meter readings. Furthermore, this application initiates the procurement for new orders as well as the invoicing of the involved actors. The application has numerous interfaces to other systems that perform the aforementioned tasks. This central processing system includes the current status of all contracts at all times and is therefore also used for information purposes.


Project periodProjektzeitraum05.06.2023 - 29.02.2024

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