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RFID-multi-read transponder

Project duration: 1 month

Brief description

Pilot project on integration of incoming and outgoing article recording with RFID technology (automatic identification (wireless detection) and localization of objects) in an industrial laundry.


In the course of the project, hardware and software from an external providers are used; the functions and possible uses of these need to be checked and ensured. This involves standard software for reading data using RFID technology. The read data are sent as a data stream to the serial port of the 'serial device driver' (RS232 Device to Ethernet via TCP/IP), which then transfers them via TCP/IP to the customer's internal network. A Perl program is used to save the data in file which is made available to a COBOL program running in the Unix operating system for further processing.

Subject description

The customer offers high quality system solutions for textiles supply, company hygiene and occupational health and safety, e.g. for the geriatric care sector. It is responsible for procuring, delivering, caring for and cleaning textiles in line with a wide variety of hygiene specifications etc. In the course of a pilot project, information that is saved on multi-read chips attached to items of clothing needs to be read out in an industrial laundry using RFID technology in a system designed for this purpose ('tunnel'). The data from multiple chips can be transferred to the receiving system in a single scanning operation (multi-read chips). The pilot project is aimed at integrating this type of system into the existing work processes at the company and at implementing a means of transferring data to the customer's IT system.


Project period26.10.2006 - 08.12.2006

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