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Project duration: 4 months

Brief description

The aim of royalties is to support area sales managers in negotiating and paying out royalties. To achieve this, planned and actual figures are recorded and a distribution key is used to determine what royalties are to be paid by the employee.


The application is implemented entirely in Office VBA (Microsoft Excel 2003) with an interface to CSV files.

Subject description

The distribution key for royalties is made up of a variable number of royalties components, ranging up to ten. The ratio of actual to planned figures is considered for each of the individual components. The specific components are specified by a data import and the user can interactively change them. In addition to the selectable components, a management assessment is included (also known as mystery shopping), as well as a joker that reinforces one of the preceding factors.


Project period01.12.2008 - 31.03.2009

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Marcus Rödiger

Retail sector manager

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