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SAP BW monthly report

Project duration: 4 months

Brief description

Creation of a new, enhanced BW evaluation for the monthly report. One component of the restructuring and redesign is the automation and simplification of data procurement and report creation, removing the need to manually amend data or merge individual areas. Furthermore, new areas that were not previously included in the monthly report are to be added.


The new evaluation is based on the existing data model; however, it is enhanced to include additional existing and new InfoProviders. This mainly involves new interfaces for flat files. Importing the flat files eliminates the need for manual entry in certain data areas. The existing data model is also expanded to include new areas that were not reported on previously. To do this, the relevant data sources from the R/3 system are used. The existing Excel Reporting is completely replaced by a new, more compact and user-friendly solution.


Project period07.10.2008 - 13.02.2009

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