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SAP R/3: Price book (form)

Project duration: 10 months

Brief description

A price book will be created for the sales units at sales companies. The price book can be processed via a SAP application. Smart Forms was chosen as the tool for displaying the price book. The price book contains a table of contents and comprises different hierarchy levels.


In the legacy system, data is delivered via an AS/400. The price book is created in Access. When the AS/400 is replaced by SAP, a new tool will be used for displaying data. For this reason, the various SAP form technologies are being explored, as well as the possibility of implementing a solution outside of SAP. However, for various reasons, Smart Forms were chosen for the form technology.

Subject description

The sales companies require a detailed price book on all printing machines, as well as on post/pre press machines. A product line can have different accessories and services. The price book allows the sales units to access information on all additional offers and services for a product line.


Project period01.08.2007 - 30.05.2008

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