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Save dialog

Project duration: 4 months

Brief description

Implementation of a save dialog with COM interface for the Windows Terminal Server (WTS) variant of the insurance software. The new save dialog is an identical copy, in terms of the scope of functions, to an existing save dialog for the client version of the insurance software.


The copy of the save dialog is implemented in C++ with the help of the MFC. The save dialog is implemented as an encapsulated software component. The database accesses use standard interfaces created in the XML format. The new save dialog is operated in parallel to the original save dialog and primarily serves the WTS variant of the sales software.

Subject description

Operating multiple sales and distribution channels that offer the same quality of service makes it necessary to provide sales software with an almost identical set of functions for several, technically diverse platforms. In the course of further developing and supporting the components of the sales software, some of which have grown up over time, it is necessary to completely or partially revise individual software components in order to keep them performing. This includes a save dialog whose logic expects a clearly defined operation. This affects the sequence of database accesses or a feedback interface, for example.


Project period01.03.2006 - 30.06.2006

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