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Shipping bar code: amending freight data

Project duration: 4 months

Brief description

Enhancement of the shipping costs to include entry of weights at the package level (shipping unit) and transfer of the shipping data to the shipping provider. The consignment data is sent to the shipping provider via data transmission for further processing.


The mainframe application that is to be enhanced involves dialogs implemented as 3270 screens. The user interfaces are created with SDF II and the associated programs are implemented in PL/1. Data is stored in a DB2 database.

Subject description

Short delivery times for spare parts lead to low costs to the customer due to less machine downtime, thereby improving customer loyalty. In order to optimally design the process of spare parts distribution and logistics in terms of delivery times and to keep delivery costs down, the shipping service provider has to be supplied with relevant data about the goods to be delivered. At the same time, the goods to be delivered have to be labeled with all the data necessary for the shipment. This is stored on the goods in the form of bar codes, among other ways. This helps to reduce errors during shipping, particularly when the data on the goods and the data in the shipping service provider's documents are compared.


Project period16.06.2003 - 18.10.2003

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