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Shipping cost calculation

Project duration: 7 months

Brief description

Implementation of online dialogs for maintaining the parameters of the transport cost calculation, as well as adding this function to the existing applications.


The application is conceived as a client/server architecture with the client designed as a rich client in Java. The functional logic and data storage are on the server (mainframe) and are implemented in PL/1 and DB2. The client with the presentation logic is on a Citrix terminal server that is accessed by terminal. This avoids the software distribution problem on the client.

Subject description

Delivering goods that are, in part, very heavy and bulky is associated with relatively high transportation costs. At present, these costs are invoiced to the customer after delivery; in other words, two invoices are sent, one for the goods and one for transport. To change this situation, the process has to be improved together with the associated cost to the company. If the transport costs are identified before delivery, it is possible to include the costs of the goods and transportation on the same invoice. To do this, the existing software has to be enhanced to include relevant online dialogs and the necessary business process logic.


Project period01.06.2002 - 31.12.2002

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