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Specification book for securities processing system

Project duration: 6 months

Brief description

The software currently in use has become outdated and is to be replaced by a new development. Beside just rebuilding the functionality of the old system it is one goal of the new implementation to optimize the process support while handling the securities business. This means that securities submissions can be entered more efficiently and thus save time. PTA creates the specification book for the future implementation of such an optimized system.


Based on the existing high level requirements specification document the concrete business requirements will be elaborated together with the customer representative. Based on the identification and outlining of the user process the corresponding functionalities can be worked out and noted down in a structured way.

Subject description

The application provides support in processing securities transactions. This includes the submission of interest and dividend coupons as well as securities that are due. In this context, the program creates posting records to make the payments or prepare for the downstream reinvestment in the electronic bank deposit. The respective relevant tax laws are taken into account and the corresponding customer documents are created by the application.


Project period01.03.2021 - 31.08.2021

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