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Statistical tool for laboratory data

Project duration: 1 year

Brief description

An LIS manufacturer is supported with requesting and evaluating data from clinical chemistry and microbiology laboratories. For this purpose a software solution was developed, which creates and controls database queries and database jobs. The data is output via individually adjustable Excel templates, so that they can be evaluated and displayed with the internal resources of the standard software.


At the start of the project, the requirements of German and Asian customers are assimilated and analyzed for technical feasibility. A special requirement of the project is to support multilingual capability, a centralized error handling and error logging, and the programming of high-performance database queries. As a basis, the logic of an old statistics program is translated into VB .NET and further developed in accordance with the list of requirements. The application is developed in close consultation with the LIS producer and the field service engineer, so that the statistics program can be marketed as a very customer-oriented addition to the existing LIS.

Subject description

The project is implemented in accordance with the requirements of the FDA, the development is managed with SVN and Visual Studio. The VB .NET application is used for data warehouse configuration, controlling data selection (e.g. evaluation period) from the Oracle database, and the export of data to preconfigurable Excel files. A test for data inconsistencies is made. The transaction data tables and data warehouse integrated in the LIS form the basis of the evaluations. As the customers have different requirements on the statistics, the flexible Excel output is chosen, which allows the users to create individual statistics. A special challenge is to program high-performance PL-SQL database queries on the complex data stocks, because the operation of the laboratory must not be affected by them. The statistics are used, among other things, to meet the legal requirement for German laboratories to report to the Robert Koch Institute (statistics on germs, pathogens, and resistance).


Project period01.06.2008 - 31.05.2009

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