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Strategy consulting modernization master data system at a financial company

Brief description

The customer has a legacy application that acts as a legal system. The system is difficult to maintain and technologically outdated. The system is highly integrated into the customer's system landscape and is classified as a critical application that serves as the basis for the value creation process. The client is forced to modernize the legal system. PTA provides support in the context of management consulting in project organization, transformation of the development process in agile approach, enterprise architecture consulting, etc. Technologically, the legacy system is based on Windows Forms on the .NET stack and is to be transferred to a modern single application page (Angular) with a .NET core backend.


Within the scope of management consulting, an analysis of the legal system, the existing development process, an analysis of the processes and the connected systems is carried out. A project management based on MS Project is initiated. Requirements are mapped using user stories in Jira and documentation is stored in Confluence. Various workshop meetings are moderated in brainstorming format and work items are derived, which are then developed by the project participants. Regulatory requirements with regard to MaRisk are also taken into account and coordinated with the auditing department.

Subject description

The customer acts as an acquirer, acting as a commercial intermediary between the credit card companies and the merchants (brick-and-mortar and online). Furthermore, the customer provides other products as part of its activity as an acquirer. The legal system is the central system here for mapping customer master data and contracts. It is used as the basis for all billing processes and is highly integrated. The challenge is in particular the planning of the project approach and the consideration of all subsystems and interfaces to be adapted. The modernization is intended to increase stability and maintainability.


Project periodProjektbeginn04.10.2021

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