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Support for the development of a data platform solution for a logistics company

Brief description

As part of its strategic orientation, the customer is planning to set up an enterprise data warehouse or a data platform. Data from various source systems is to be merged and evaluated across the company in the sense of holistic reporting. This enables flexible evaluations that the customer has not been able to create up to now, or only with a great deal of manual effort. PTA supports the project definition with its own best practices as well as with organizational and technical questions.


The current solution integrates various data sources with a Qlik Analytics solution to provide department-specific reports and data apps. In the future, data integration will be more comprehensive and flexible via Snowflake and Automation Framework for Matillion in the Azure Cloud. As part of the transition, data governance processes will be revised and new processes will be introduced. The new solution will enable the use of customer data based on a transparent data platform and an improved data culture. An enterprise data model, a data catalog and new data governance processes to be introduced are important prerequisites for this. PTA advises the management on project initialization, technical issues and the adaptation of the internal organization.

Subject description

The new technological platform offers more flexible use of corporate data for data science issues and cross-departmental data analyses. New processes and responsibilities such as data ownership, data quality monitoring, and data releases are needed to maintain high data quality, ensure the transparency of stored data across departments, and guarantee the use of data within the framework of data governance rules. One of the key objectives of the project is to introduce the necessary cross-departmental data culture.

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