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Support in building a data platform team at a network operator

Brief description

PTA supports the planning of a cross-functional data platform solution. After conducting department-specific PoC's to build data platform solutions, a new solution is to be created that runs on a unified technical platform coordinated with the enterprise architects. The new solution should support the implementation of the diverse use cases as well as create views for Data Science and AI supported processes. Furthermore, company-wide guidelines on data protection and cloud concepts must be adhered to.


The PoC's to date test different technical concepts based on department-specific issues. Advanced goals such as breaking down data silos, increasing data quality, data protection and data sharing, and avoiding redundancies must be implemented in an enterprise-wide platform model based on AWS. A newly created organizational unit will take responsibility for this task. PTA is developing solution proposals for a development plan and possible criteria for prioritizing and selecting the use cases to be implemented. Another focus is on proposals for implementing data governance roles and processes.

Subject description

Due to the very pronounced division of labor implemented by dedicated specialist departments, the newly created platform team must find a solution that takes into account the most important standards in project procedures, technology and architectures, etc., while at the same time ensuring fast response times through direct influence and degrees of freedom for the specialist departments. Building a solution based on the architectural concept of a data mesh can be a solution here. The challenge here is to introduce the necessary standards and then make them available to the various development teams in the specialist departments in an automated manner in a DevOps culture.

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