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Support of administrative applications at the power plant

Project duration: 1 year

Brief description

Support and further development of a variety of existing IT applications for the administration of a power plant in the area of individual software development. The applications in the form of desktop/intranet front-ends, data transfer interfaces and (web) service applications support organisational and technical management processes. The primary customer benefit is the harmonisation/consolidation of the application landscape outside the SAP system and the technical operational management and use of uniform, quality-assured data sources.


In addition to individual solutions for departmental requirements, central applications, data storage and interfaces for the entire software landscape of the company are further developed, maintained and monitored. Special attention is paid to the processing, consolidation, consistency assurance and provision of company master data (personal/system and TC data). These activities are carried out as part of the company's ITIL implementation.

Subject description

The applications support the areas of dismantling planning, access management (central administration of IT IDs and user authorisations), IT application management, personal data management, security guard report, on-call planning and administration, first-aid book for the plant paramedics, provision of material lists, logging of recurring tests on technical components as well as verification of persons involved and reporting to authorities. Various interfaces between the individual systems and IT core systems of the company (SAP, technical system management, TC systems, Windows infrastructure) as well as central IT services are further developed, supported and automatically monitored.

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Dr. Andreas Schneider

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