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Support of the Securities Processing System

Project duration: 2 years

Brief description

The support contract covers the support of the newly developed system for the securities business. Within the scope of the support contract, 2nd and 3rd level activities are performed, such as error analysis and troubleshooting.


The new software solution offers the user optimal process support for processing the securities business. This means that the recording of securities submissions can be carried out more efficiently and thus save time. PTA created the DP concept, implemented the application including quality assurance, migrated the legacy data and supported the go-live. The frontend is based on Angular using Angular Material and NGXS. The backend is based on openJDK using Java 11 with Spring Boot. Communication between front-end and back-end is done using REST services and JSON. PTA designed the software architecture taking into account the customer's specifications. For quality assurance, automated tests take place on the front and back end, including the use of a SonarQube.

Subject description

The application provides support in processing securities transactions. This includes the submission of balanced funds, interest and dividend coupons as well as securities that are due. In this context, the program creates posting records to make the payments. For each payment, the application generates a couple of documents that are sent to the end customer, the submitting bank or the emitter. In a secondary process, the application provides automated processing of securities transactions by reading out so called SWIFT messages. Also in this process, postings are made and documents are generated.


Project periodProjektzeitraum01.11.2022 - 30.10.2024

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