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Target conceptual design for replacing customer-side settlement

Project duration: 3 months

Brief description

Analysis and new design for the customer-side settlement process, from calculating the invoice data through to generating the outbound documents. New business models at to be taken into account here; without these business models, functions that have grown up over time would be lost. The aims are to simplify the settlement process through greater automation, to create better transparency and traceability when creating the settlement data, and to integrate flexible settlement models.


The documentation and analysis results are carried out in Visio diagrams, as well as application case descriptions in MS Word format. All the documents created are published in Sharepoint. These form the basis for later support. In the course of the subsequent implementation cycles, these documents will be continuously refined further. Customer-side settlement shall be decoupled from the old system and integrated into the existing, centralized master data application. This master data application is based on a multi-layer .Net architecture and is programmed with C#. The database system is an MS SQL server 2005. Data exchange with the posting system (SAP) is via a BizTalk server through interfaces.

Subject description

The application to be designed shall be used to create advance payment plans, monthly billing of these, and to create settlements for the supplied customers on a fiscal year basis. One fundamental innovation is the decoupling of the settlement periods (fiscal years) from the calendar year. Furthermore, in addition to the energy or network fees calculated by the network operator, other items, such as services and payments relating to other periods can be posted within a settlement. The creation of settlements can be automatically triggered in packages using adjustable parameters and no longer needs to be carried out individually and manually for each customer.


Project period01.12.2008 - 15.02.2009

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