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Taskforce (Virus/PC-Support)

Project duration: 7 days

Brief description

Verification of hardware systems in a nationwide network because of virus contamination. The process is supported by the use of special antivirus programs and manual supporting measures based on ERD commander (Troubleshooting, Virus and PC Support, Taskforce).


The PC's are then updated with the latest Microsoft Patches and the existing virus protection software is replaced by the TrendMicro product.

Subject description

Problems during server reorganization, missing updates to virus software and to the operating systems, led to massive disruptions to the productive system. As part of a cross-regionally organized task force, support measures are performed across Germany. I.e. virus removal from servers and PCs; subsequent adjustments based on the latest updates to the current standard and implementation and installation of a new virus protection program.


Project period05.09.2006 - 12.09.2006

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